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Image by Elijah M. Henderson

P. H. Figur grew up in Massapequa, a small New York town located on Long Island in the southeast corner of Nassau County. After graduating from C.W. Post College, he spent the next 30+ years working in the accounting/auditing field for three multi-national companies.

In 2013, Peter started writing a daily journal recapping daily events, capturing thoughts, and documenting opinions. That morphed into short stories about his travels around the world and his passion for music and sports. He even wrote a hockey blog one year covering his beloved New York Islanders and their final season in the Nassau Coliseum. But the more Peter wrote the more it drove him towards an even more significant project, to start writing an autobiography entitled "Life Sentence", which is still a work in progress. "The New America" and "The Divinity Complex" represented Peter's first two novels.


Recently, Peter received an honorable mention from Writer’s Digest for a short story entitled “Brother Henry.” After so many years, Peter finally found his passion. Some would say it's a shame to find your passion so late in life. But if you asked Peter, he would tell you that wasn't true. "You can't look at life that way. It's always better to find your passion late in life, then never finding your passion at all."

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